Running a retail shop requires more than just having a product and selling it to your customers. It also means working on your physical shop to make sure it attracts customers.

There are five things you must have to run your store successfully. Having a layout attached properly to your shopfitting equipment, lighting and other fixtures are a must. Entrance signage and a cash register are also as importantly. Lastly, do not forget to see the whole picture and check the function and accessibility of your layout.

Have a shop layout

Shop layouts are vital, not only to maximize your space but optimize customer traffic and flow through your store. Properly place your grids and shop fittings in such a way that it can display your product while keeping your customer interested.

Lighting and fixtures

The right fixtures and lighting increase the appeal of your product. Choose fixtures that compliment the product you are selling. It is also important to consider your target market in installing your fixtures. Make sure it is always at the eye level for easier access.


Eye-catching signage is one of the most effective ways to invite customers into your store. Have displays and even product sampling in front of your store, but make sure not to block the entrance and view inside.

Cash register

This is the most important thing you should have. Make sure customers have easy access to the cash register. Have enough space for people to fall in line if needed. Do have racks displayed near the cash register to cater to your customers’ impulse buying or last minute needs.

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Function and accessibility

The goal of all those 4 points should be geared towards having an accessible and functional shop. Think and see what works best for you and your customers.

A good shop layout is one of the keys to more customers and in turn more profit. Good luck in your setting up your space.